New Equipment for 2016

March 2016

This month we loaded & shipped a container full of new equipment to Menorca.
8 different types of sailing boats, 14 stand up paddleboards, 16 windsurf boards & many other sails and supplementary equipment were loaded into a 40ft container.  This is now on its way to Menorca for the start of the season in May.

So what will be NEW for 2016?

Sailing Boats from RS Sailing, Laser Performance, Ovington Boats & Devoti

RS 200s, RS 100s, RS Teras, RS 800, RS 400, RS 500, RS Venture, RS 2000s, Lasers, 29er, D-Zeros 

Windsurf Sails from Tushingham & NeilPryde

Dino, Rock, Start, Concept, Bolt, X15, Combat, Atlas & Fusion

Windsurf Boards from Starboard, JP, Fanatic & Tabou

Kode, Futura, Phantom, Ultra Sonic, Isonic, Rio, Gecko, JP Superlightwind, Rocket & Cool Rider

Stand Up Paddleboards from Starboard
12’6” x 25” Sprint Carbon,  12’6” x 26” Sprint Carbon,  14’0” x 24” Sprint AST,  12’2” x 32” Freeride XL,  11’2” x 30” Blend,  10’0” x 34” WindSUP,  11',2" x 32" Astro Blend


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