Accommodation - overview

Accommodation is available either in self-catering villas or apartments or in the Hotel Port Fornells (bed & breakfast), all of which are within 3 minutes’ walk from the local shop, restaurants

Hotel Port Fornells

Hotel Port Fornells (HR**) is situated in Ses Salines, just two minutes’ walk from the local shop and restaurants, and only a minute’s walk from the moorings.

Safina - ground floor
Premier villas

Impressive properties with frontline views over the beach or countryside to south of the bay.

Villa Phillipe pool
Villas Carolina and Phillipe

These spacious country style Minorcan villas are only two minutes’ walk from the moorings.

Mistral villa ground floor
Mistral Villas

The Mistral villas are right in the centre of Ses Salines.

1st floor, L-R: Rosa, Linda. Ground floor, L-R: Carmen, Verde.
Seafront villas and villa apartments

2 and 3 bedroom seafront villas.

Villa Carolina pool
Apartment and Villla Share

If you are travelling on your own choose from a range of accommodation and there will be others to share with you.