Laser Blasting
Sailing - overview

Sailing with us is designed to be as varied and flexible as possible so that every individual's preference and enjoyment is catered for. We have an extensive choice of sailing boats to choose from. With our large and varied fleet there is always a boat available and you'll have the chance to try out the whole range of craft.

Learn to Sail

If you've never sailed before, you'll be amazed at how easy it all is. Instruction on the beach and then afloat from our experienced staff, is thorough and skilful, sympathetic and informal.

Advanced sailing

Experienced sailors will find plenty to excite them in our sophisticated, fully equipped fleet - by far the biggest of any similar mediterranean centre. Our boats are at the water's edge, rigged and waiting for you to sail.

Tuition / RYA

Personal tuition is available every afternoon and RYA certificates can be acheived.


We provide Laser and asymmetric racing every afternoon.

Musto Skiffs with gennakers
The Sailing Fleets

Our impressive range of boats provides exciting sailing for all abilities. This section provides a complete list of our sailing fleet.


Modern safety craft from Valiant and Narwhal

Our heightened level of safety awareness and standard practices provide peace of mind.


Minorca sailing is the ideal location to fast-track your sailing to the next level.