Windsurfing - overview

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Windsurfing - overview

The flat waters of Fornells bay makes it the ideal place to start or to improve your windsurfing. Wide boards, light sails, and dedicated instructors will get beginners sailing around in no time. Intermediates too will benefit from modern equipment and instructional techniques and fast-track their way to planing windsurfing, footstraps and blasting! For higher level windsurfers carve gybes and maybe a spot of freestyle are the next targets. Windsurfing really is more accessible and achievable than it ever has been before.


Our extensive range of boards is diverse enough to suit all abilities. With the most stable beginner boards, a full range of intermediate freeride boards, higher wind and racing designs there will always be something new to test yourself with. You won't be short of sails either - with well over 100 sails from Goya, Tushingham and Neil Pryde on hand.

We replace our sails on a continuous basis, maintaining their high quality and incorporating new models. Narrow diameter booms (carbon in the bigger sizes) and high carbon content masts, help keep our rigs lighter - making your sessions longer and more enjoyable than ever before.

We pay the same attention to detail with our children's windsurfing kit.


With the combination of beach and water based coaching, plus video feedback, your windsurfing technique will rapidly improve. Our instructors ensure groups are split according to ability enabling each individual to gain the most out of their holiday. The instructors are always available to offer friendly and professional advice.