Advanced sailing

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Advanced sailing

Experienced sailors will find plenty to excite them in our sophisticated, fully equipped fleet - by far the biggest of any similar mediterranean centre. Our boats are at the water's edge, rigged and waiting for you to sail.

With sail setting and boat tuning clinics held on the beach, and specific boat demonstrations on the water, there is a wealth of knowledge to be taken away from your holiday at Minorca Sailing. Our highly experienced instructors and our popular video training will help you to improve your sailing techniques, gennaker control and racing tactics.

Extend yourself

Choose from Lasers with full size, radial or 4.7 rigs, single-handers including the RS Aeros, D-Zeros, RS 100s, RS Vareos and Musto Skiffs. You can sail with fleets of 2000s, RS 200s, RS 400s, RS 500s, 29ers as well as extending yourself with the RS 800.