Stand Up Paddleboard

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Stand Up Paddleboard

The fast growing sport for all abilities

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a fun and accessible sport for both new and experienced water sports enthusiasts. With a wide selection of boards, our sailing centre offers the perfect destination to master new skills, improve your techniques or try this exciting sport for the first time!

This sport appeals to all ages and abilities and we have the latest equipment from Starboard and Red Paddle to cater to your specific needs. Take the sport to the extreme with a carbon race board, improve your technique on a dynamic surf SUP or simply relax and enjoy our breathtaking scenery while visiting some otherwise hard to reach beaches.

SUP boards


  • Whopper 10’0”X34”
  • Freeride 12’2”X30”


  • Blend 11’2”X30”
  • Astro Blend Zen 11’2”X32”


  • Freeride XL 12’2”X32”


  • Widepoint 11’2”X32”


  • Sprint 12’6”X25”
  • Sprint 12’6”X26”
  • Sprint 14”X24”






Fun, and as challenging as you want to make it
Safe and extensive area to explore
A new perspective...