Wingfoil and wing sail

Foiling continues to revolutionise all wind sports, and crossover of technologies has made old concepts a new reality. This is the case with the biggest growth watersport on the planet at this moment: winging.

Winging borrows from kiting, foiling, windsurfing and sailing. It brings the freedom of windsurfing without the weight of a solid rig; the reliable pull of a kite without the tangle of lines; the joy of flying and surfing combined; and low speed flight for easy progression.

We recommend mastery of the wing with a floaty windsurf or SUP board. We have a wide range to help make those first steps easier. Those with some sail-sports experience will soon feel at one with the wing. For those without a sailing background the learning curve is a little bit steeper, though still encouragingly short. Once happy with the wing you are ready to fly! The foils we use are designed to give high lift in lighter winds. From wind force Beaufort 2 to 3 there is ample wind to wing-foil. It really is a revolution!

Wingfoil and wing sail equipment


2 x Gong Hipe 6'5"
1 x Gong Hipe 7'5"

...with foils:

1 x Gong Allvator V2 X-over L
1 x Gong Allvator V2 X-over XL
1 x Gong Allvator Rise XL


For use Wing Sailing and Wing Foiling:

2 x Gong Wing Plus V2 4m
3 x Gong Wing Plus V2 5m
2 x Gong Wing Pulse V2 6m

About our GONG WING equipment


The Wing Plus is ideal for beginners. Smooth, progressive and stable, it is a light wing that is easy to handle. Its role is to make wing flying easier. It has no limits with its very efficient but non-specialized shape. Light, easy, powerful, it has all the qualities to help you arrive to a good level.

The Pulse has amazing Vmax and stability. It surpasses other wings in terms of speed and angle, and stays stable in gusts and when launching. This wing elevates performance to a new level.

Foil boards

The Hipe is the perfect board to get started and progress. The volume is super generous, allowing you to use short lengths. Inflatable construction with a carbon plate provides 95% of the performance of a hard board but at the same time is much more forgiving during falls during the learning stages.


The Gong Wing Foil Allvator Rise is ideal for learning to fly in wing foil and progressing smoothly with its two lengths of masts. It will fly with great stability, even at low speed. A very safe foil to fly, but also to handle, so that your first steps are really easy.

The Gong Wing Foil Allvator V2 X-over is the smoothest of foils while offering great handling. This is especially true at low speeds, in light winds or in soft waves where it will really perform. Playful, easy, relatively fast, it is reliable in every aspect - though not intended as a radical wing.

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