Foiling is the latest revolution in the sport of sailing; flying above the water with increased speed and excitement.  The magic lies in the foils which work like a wing, lifting the boat out of the water.

Skeeta and Nikki foiling in Menorca

Our sailing fleets are maintained up to date and feature the best and latest boats from Laser, RS, Ovington and Fusion.

Whether beginner or expert, you'll find sailing with us an exciting and rewarding experience.

Fleet of Lasers

Personal tuition is available every afternoon and RYA certificates can be acheived.

Learn to Trapeze in Menorca

Our heightened level of safety awareness and standard practices provide peace of mind.

Modern safety craft from Valiant and Narwhal

Minorca sailing is the ideal location to fast-track your sailing to the next level.

Laser Sailing

Sailing with us is designed to be as varied and flexible as possible, and you'll have the opportunity to try out many boats from our extensive ranges.

Laser Sailing

Laser and asymmetric racing is available every afternoon.

Laser Racing at Minorca Sailing

Experienced sailors will find plenty to excite them in our sophisticated and fully equipped fleet.

RS 800 - Twin Trapeze

Instruction is thorough, skilful, sympathetic and informal.

ideal dinghy sailing conditions