Foiling is the latest revolution in the sport of windsurfing. Specially designed foils lift the board up and out of the water. Because you are sailing above the chop, drag is dramatically reduced, much smaller sails can be used, and the ride is astonishingly smooth.

Wind foiling at Minorca Sailing

The sailing area is big enough to not limit your windsurfing, and its enclosed nature means that there is land on all sides. This makes the bay very safe and means that, in all wind strengths and directions, you can be out there enjoying your windsurfing. If you do need assistance (or just a break or even a friendly chat) we have an up to date fleet of safety craft - crewed by qualified safety boat drivers - on patrol at all times.

Safety Boats

Personal tuition, in addition to our usual sailing and windsurfing programmes.

RYA Start Windsurfing Tuition

Enjoy and improve your windsurfing in ideal conditions.

Advanced Windsurfing Holiday

We have windsurf boards and sails for all abilities and wind conditions.

Foiling gear, high performance medium wind freerace kit, and - new for 2022 - the rebirth of a classic: the Windsurfer LT!

Windsurfing in Menorca

On the water coaching will help you to progress and learn new skills.

Intermediate Windsurfing Groups and tuition

Windsurfing with Minorca Sailing is enjoyable and easy to learn at any age.

Learn to windsurf

Quality equipment and high level instruction, whatever the conditions.

Lay Down Gybe - Menorca