The Bay of Fornells

The bay of Fornells is a large unspoilt landlocked area which can be sailed in all wind directions, it has a narrow opening to the sea and little disturbance from tides, providing a friendly and safe sailing environment for both sailors and windsurfers of all levels.

To increase safety we ask all sailors to wear buoyancy aids at all times and helmets in single-handers in strong winds. With windsurfers we suggest buoyancy aids are worn when learning as recommended by the RYA.

Safety Boats

We consider that our motorised safety boats provide the best safety cover of any sailing centre in the world. A fleet of Valiant 4.9m and Narwhal 4.8m semi inflatables, with 40hp Mercury four stroke engines, is used for both teaching and safety cover.


Radio Communication

We consider that in any activity centre radio communication is essential. Our safety boats are linked to each other and the shore with IC-M501 EURO radios. In addition to this our group sailing instructors carry IC-M33 waterproof radios, providing exceptional radio safety cover.

  • RS 800's with mast head floats
  • RYA safety boat drivers

Safety Boat Drivers

All the instructors using the safety craft are RYA qualified and in addition to this we are a RYA Training Centre. So whether you are sailing out at sea, taking your first boat out in our sheltered waters or watching your children sail across the bay to a nearby island, you can be sure that quality, modern safety craft, with qualified drivers are always on hand whenever needed.

Boat Safety

We attach 40 litre Crewsaver Mast Floats to the top of our asymmetric masts.  This reduces the tendency of capsized asymmetrics to invert, making them safer to enjoy.  We attach small polystyrene buoyancy floats to the top of our 4.7s, all our single handed beginner boats and our children's boats.  In the event of a capsize, these floats slow down the inversion process, making the recovery quicker and easier.