Learn to Windsurf

Windsurf Beginners

Windsurfing with Minorca Sailing is enjoyable and easy to learn at any age. The new generation of wider and more stable boards, combined with much lighter sails means that learning to windsurf has never been easier and there really is nothing to hold you back. If you have never tried windsurfing before you will find the sport exhilarating, addictive and above all fun.

Our instructors will give you your first lesson in the shallow warm waters just off the beach. You’ll be surprised how rapidly you progress. With a little guidance most people quickly learn the basic skills and are soon sailing around the bay with an experienced instructor close at hand.

How much beginners can achieve in a week varies. As a minimum we aim to help all our clients reach a level where they can independently sail a triangle course. Many beginners will also be getting used to trying the harness (a great invention that makes windsurfing almost effortless), and some ambitious beginners will get their first taste of planing windsurfing.

  • Personal Tuition