Tuition / RYA

Personal Tuition

Every afternoon, in addition to our usual sailing and windsurfing programmes, personal tuition is available at no extra cost. This can be booked daily, for hourly sessions. These fun and educational sessions enable you to practise and improve upon new skills while receiving continuous feedback and helpful advice.

Windsurfers might choose to focus on a particular windsurfing skill, or try out a particular board, but they might also consider sailing tuition. For those who already sail the sessions are ideal for testing out the higher performance asymmetric boats with the reassurance of an experienced instructor on board.

RYA Levels and Certificates

RYA levels can be achieved and certificates awarded whilst on holiday with Minorca Sailing. Tuition is included, however, certificates and log books are an additional cost.

The following RYA windsurfing courses can be achieved:

  • Start Windsurfing
  • Intermediate non-planing
  • Intermediate planing
  • Youth Windsurf Stage 1
  • Youth Windsurf Stage 2
  • Youth Windsurf Stage 3
  • Youth Windsurf Stage 4

 For details and course content please consult the RYA website.