Dinghy Sailing Fleet

Our range of equipment is exceptional, with whole fleets of dinghies from the leading manufacturers including Laser, RS, Ovington and Fusion. We use top quality Hyde sails, and constantly renew and update our equipment. We keep up with the advances in our sport, and will provide you with the latest equipment and boats.

While our most sailed fleet are the Lasers, we excel in many types of asymmetric boats, from the ever popular 2000s and RS 200s to the extremely challenging RS 800s.


RS Tera 25

Youngsters of all ages and sizes can enjoy sailing this popular single hander. 25 boats.

Maverick 6

Stand Up Sailing (SUS). This versatile boat is the new fun way to enjoy stand up sailing.  Suitable for all ages. 6 boats.

Fusion 20

Stable, comfortable, predictable and forgiving, this easy to sail boat is ideal for building confidence. 20 boats.

Laser 50

Our most popular sailboat and largest racing fleet. The Olympic single hander is raced the world over. 50 boats.

RS Aero 8

The easy to sail, lightweight single hander from RS, available with 9, 7, and 5 rigs. 8 boats.

Devoti D-Zero 1

Devoti's exciting lightweight single handed performance sailboat.                     1 boat.

Skeeta 1

NEW: The Skeeta is the latest '3rd Generation' foiling craft that has all round performance.  1 boat.

Nikki 1

NEW: The Nikki is a brand new boat purpose built by big kids for kids and lighter sailors.  1 boat.

Asymmetric Single-Hander

RS Vareo 2

An asymmetric single hander that most competent sailors can enjoy.                        2 boats.

RS100 4

This hiking performance skiff comes complete with gennaker for exciting single handed sailing. 4 boats.

Musto Skiff 3

The single hander trapeze asymmetric from Ovington with dynamic power and acceleration. 3 boats.


RS Venture 4

The easily handled cruising boat from RS has a spacious, comfortable cockpit. 4 boats.

2000 8

Our popular, modern, stable cruising boat complete with asymmetric rig. 8 boats.

RS Feva 4

A versatile boat for adults and youngsters that can be sailed single or double handed. 4 boats.

Fusion with Gennaker 6

New: With the addition of a Jib and Gennaker the fusion becomes a youth double-hander.  6 boats.

RS 200 8

Modern and exciting, without a trapeze. One of our main cruising and racing fleets. 8 boats.

RS 400 3

This powerful double handed hiking asymmetric is regularly raced with us. 3 boats.

RS 500 3

This single trapeze boat delivers truly exciting performance with remarkably easy handling. 3 boats.

RS 800 2

This dynamic twin wire skiff from RS offers challenging and exhilarating sailing. 2 boats.

29er 2

The 29er is a lightweight skiff with very rapid acceleration, ideal for youth racing. 2 boats.

Wayfarer 1

The modern cruising Wayfarer provides size and stability for sociable sailing. 1 boat.

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