Windsurfing Kit

Our selection of boards cover the whole spectrum from super-stable beginner boards, through a wide range of intermediate, improver, freeride and freerace designs. Specialist boards include Starboard Phantom raceboards, a wide and early planing tandem board, and the ghostly quiet Serenity. You will also find a good mix of smaller boards for the windier days.

We have a selection of rigs close to the boards and many more in reserve. Our sails are chosen from major manufactures and matched with their required masts and booms. Harness lines and accessories are of the best quality available.

Our staff are on hand to help select and tune your sail so that you can get the most out of every session.



Boards, sails and foils from:

FanaticJP AustraliaStarboardTabouNeilprydeGoyaSeverneAHD